Welcome to First Baptist Church, Oak Hill

This Church has been a mission outpost for God to be glorified through the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 135 years. This is a visible reminder of God’s faithfulness to His people and His promises. Our Church history is a reminder to us that we are a part of God’s much greater plan of establishing His eternal Kingdom. As we look to the future of our Church, we desire to move forward with a Kingdom focus.

*We are building God’s Kingdom, not our own.
*God, in His Love, has graciously called us to be Co-heirs in His Kingdom
*God empowers us to be messengers of the good news of the Kingdom of God

We aspire to be a church that seeks God so that He might enable us to continue to grow in our understanding of what it means to be co-heirs of the Kingdom of God and remain faithful in doing our part as the local Church in the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

First Baptist Church 1916-1968


1889 – Church Constituted; 1910-property donated, 1916 building completed.
1950 – Pastorium purchased; 1968- Incorporated, Current building completed.
1972 – Bus Ministry started; 1978 Child Development Center opened.
1982 – current education building completed; 1986 – current pastorium built.

133 Years of Leadership:

S.T. Grove – 1889 ; missionary pastors; J. L. Moore – 1945-1950; W.W. Clifford – 1950-1953; Henry Adams – 1953-1959; W.T. Hammond – 1959-1963; Felix Zeigler – 1963-1969; Brian Knight –1969-1973; Felder Rowan 1974-1975; Tom Myers –1976-1981; Bill Massey – 1982-1985; Don Shobert – 1985-1997; Steve Jones –1998-2000; Don Shobert –(I) 2000-2003; Chris Redman – 2003-2005; Don Shobert (I) – 2005-2006; Emerson Bolton – 2006-2012; Dr. Wade Howell – (I) 2013; Dr. Tim Palmer – 2013-2021; Joel Kobosh – 2021-Present